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Such a lovely environment and very friendly! Have been dancing at Sharon’s for 19 years and have made great life long friendships and it has been such a confidence building experience. 
Olivia McCartney - August 2019
My son started with Sharon Saunders as a preschooler, went on to do Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre. After a long break to dancing, he wanted to return and his request was for Sharon Saunders! Such a great community to be a part of. We both love the quality of teaching and friendly staff and students. 
Shannon Tyler -August 2019
The wonderful women teaching at Sharon Saunders studio with the Ready Set Dance program have provided such an amazing experience for my toddler. From including her when she is unsure, praising her participation and showing so much encouragement, watching my child’s confidence in herself grow and grow has been amazing. This program is fantastic for young girls and boys who love to groove and to build their confidence. I love watching my girl sing and dance all week from the things she has been doing in class. Thank you ladies for providing such a positive and fun learning experience for her. Stacey Boswood May 2019
We’ve been at SSD for 3 years now. We love the sense of community and family here. The teachers are amazing and incredibly kind. We love the focus on proper technique and fun without the pressure of competitions. The confidence both my children have gained from dancing here is impossible to put a price on. Janelle Burdett August 2019
My daughter has been dancing at Sharon Saunders dancers/ Ready Set dance since just before her 2nd birthday.
She loves it & looks forward to it each & every week. The teachers are fantastic, very professional & the classes are a great mixture of ballet, tap, hip hop, music & microphone work. Rebecca Scott -August 2019

Hi Sharon

I don't know where to begin. So much to say and so much to be thankful for. I feel to really express myself l need to write pages and pages but l promise I'll keep this short.

Firstly just WOW!! I am in awe of how calm, collected and cheery you have been through this whole concert week! Never once showing impatience or frustration. Always poised with a smile and an encouraging word. I love the words you used on stage ' correction from your teachers should be viewed as an honour because it shows they care about you'. That's just amazing. What a fantastic outlook to teach our children. Sharon you are one in a million and l'm so glad l chose your school for my children. Secondly your teachers are wonderful. So gifted and talented and l wonder how they keep control of the sometimes roudy classes ( adult ladies included 😉). Your strict but fair control of your teachers ensures that you have quality teachers helping our children to learn and grow. They are all amazing and often go well beyond their responsibilities. How lucky we are to have them. 

Thirdly, through your dedication to teaching students to not only be dancers but also caring and sensitive individuals you have managed to create a school which is like non other l've ever been involved in. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming, caring. That includes the parents. I have formed some strong friendships with other parents, both ones l perform with but also the ones l see regularly every week. My children have also formed strong friendships which is definitely something l wanted for them. They look forward to dancing every week because they are loving dancing but also because they are so happy in that friendly loving atmosphere. 

Fourthly, Olivia. Just wow again! You know she wouldn't talk to anyone before joining SSD. Well how things have changed. She has blossomed, no longer worrying about speaking. She will talk to everyone! Her confidence is amazing. How proud l am of her and her dedication to perfecting her dance technique. She just loves it and thrives every week. So you can only imagine what a sooky mess l was on stage when she received her award. She beamed all night. She is so sad there is no more dancing until next year. She just loves it!

Finally, what an amazing concert it was! So well structured and organised. My family have absolutely nothing but praise. From the great venue, ease of parking, to the wonderful performances they witnessed all night. One performance went seamlessly to the next and kept them entertained all night long. 

So happy and proud that my family could all be involved in your 25th year doing what you love. Please keep going because you are making a real difference in peoples lives and helping parents raise some beautiful future citizens. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

With love

Ari Furmanczyk

December 2016

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My daughter started dance at SSD last year, I cannot thank the teachers enough for their encouragement & support. They have created an environment that has given my daughter the confidence & renewed love for performing. Jodi Perdon

The staff are fantastic and the kids love it - Briony Smith

Ready set dance is great for boys or girls!! I highly recommend it. Tiffany O' Brien

Absolutely fantastic we love it great teachers welcoming environment and a lovely dance space for the children- Kate Goodrem

My daughter has blossomed with confidence since starting at SSD. The teachers are so encouraging and there is a real community feel where all families help each other out to ensure our children have the best possible experiences.Amy Clancey

Sharon Saunders Dancers, Preschool Ballet, Fairy Ballet, Hip Hop, Ballet. Bendigo

Favorite Concert moments:

Raine Collihole-Isaacs My favourite moment was when my Granddaughter Azalea spotted me in the audience and waved - priceless! She then focused on me till the end without missing a beat or step. Blowing a kiss at the end to me I will never forget this purest act of love.

Catherine Boyer My favourite moment was the eruption of emotions when I first seen Azalea on stage, excited, amazed, so very proud of what a beautiful little lady she is up on that big stage. As Azalea would say " I had happy tears"

Renee Williams My favorite moment (Among many) was watching Damika light up the stage in her fairy ballet item. Priceless!

Rachel Rilen Many beautiful moments just watching all the dancers.. The opening number couldn't believe the confidence in Zoe up there strutting her stuff...But my favourite with Zoe was most defiantly pretty Ballerina.. She just floats around like a little butterfly.. I think my girl is going to be a ballet dancer... I could certainly sit and watch that gorgeous young man all night what talent he has xx (sorry don't know his name) but beautiful.. It was all just amazing.. Can't wait for the DVD to sit and watch all over again xx

Sharon Lilabelle Lane With Lily taking to the stage 4 times there are many a precious memory for me but how about the beautiful and confident little preschoolers who took to the stage (and stole the show) on their own and knew what to do. To see the beauty of dance through their eyes, the enthusiasm, the spunk in their personalities, the smiles and waves as they see loved ones. The smiles and laughs they provided as we were captured in their innocence. Priceless. Thank you to all dancers for your dedication and an evening full of wonderful memories xx

Jen Fryer I have loved every moment of every show since we came to Australia 10 years ago to be with our beautiful grandkids, but my favorite moment even if a very sad moment was seeing our gorgeous girl Maddie receive her 10 year award,I know how much Maddie has loved dancing with you ,and how sad she is to be leaving .
Maddie has blossomed into a super dancer since the first time she took to the stage as a tiny little girl .
Thank you Sharon and teachers xx

Laura Cole My favourite moment was seeing my little fairy ballerinas very first debut onto the stage (the first of many Im thinking now as shes had a taste of it and loved it). She has always been very musically inclined, even as a bub, and to see her now truly as a little girl coming into her own was a very proud moment for me. I was also shocked that she actually remembered the dance moves, as most of the time I saw her at the end of class she was more interested in her reflection in the mirror! It was also very heart warming to see her try to comfort her little friend on stage when it all got a bit too overwhelming for her and she told her "don't cry". But it was not only seeing my own daughter but to watch all the other fairy ballet girls that Ive come to know and to see them develop into the confident and beautiful little dancers they all have become x

Catherine Doyle my proud parent moment was even though my little fairy Abby got overwhelmed and went off stage she was still brave enough to go out there and have a go and be the start of the train with the others to follow. thankyou sharon the concert was fantastic.

Susan Steele I totally loved the hilarity of being behind the curtain and watching Sharon and the teachers trying to get the fairy ballet girls to exit the stage but the girls were having too much fun to leave! Sharon and the other teachers were just laughing and laughing. ..what great fun!

Kristal Elliott I had a lot of favourite moments this year of course it was the hight of my night seeing little miss Amy on stage with her very close friends she had made over the years but I also really enjoyed watching there helpers in the older classes over the last 3 years all the groups have grown and developed in there dancing skills it's a true pleasure to watch!

Kim French My favorite moment was seeing my beautiful girl get her first ever trophy. Also the moments I got to share helping out backstage.

2015 Concert- Ulumbarra Theatre Bendigo

We have watched our daughters self confidence sky rocket since she joined Sharon Saunders Dancers 2 years ago. It's great to belong to such an organised, professional, supportive & caring dance school. Sharon runs a tight ship and it is certainly evident at the Awards Day & end of year concert. The dancers, teachers and parents all work together to make what seems the impossible Magical. Thanks Sharon Saunders Dancers

Nicole Fowler-Bullock - November 2015

Both my daughters have danced at Sharon Saunders dancers this year and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The facilities are great, clean and tidy, the teaching staff are always positive and eager to teach the children, the communication with families is always current and most importantly everyone has fun. The concert is always a highlight with new costumes and routines every year. Michelle Primmer

Thank you, Sharon. It's really great to see Lana's improvement in

dancing. We have a little ballerina at home who stops in the middle of

dinner and dances for us. We have a dinner and a show we call it.

You are an amazing teacher! Thank you! Lanie

What do you do when your son wants to dance? Bring them to Sharon Saunders Dancers of course. My son has danced with Sharon for many years now and has received expert tuition from the many teachers who bring a wealth of experience to the studio. Sharon Saunders Dancers has helped our son develop confidence and be proud to dance. Above all my sons a dancer and I am proud of him. Thankyou Sharon.

Trevor Cox - November 2015

2014 Concert-The Capital Theatre Bendigo

We had a WONDERFUL time at the concert.
 Congratulations to you and your staff for what I really believe was "THE BEST YET"!!!...Music, choreography, and costumes were all a stand out!! Clare

Thank you for another wonderful year. The concert this evening was spectacular and a wonderful ending to the dancing year. To you and all your helpers a huge thank you, everything that you all do is so greatly appreciated. Bring on February 2015 xxx Sharon Lillabelle Lane

Just want to give you Sharon a big thank you, to the teachers and the dancers can't thank you all enough for the most amazing concert.. Every year they just get better and better.. Was so thrilled to see Zoe has grown so much in the last 12 months.. The confidence she had whilst up on stage was amazing to see.. One very proud mother here.. So thank you all again for all the amazing hard work you do xxx Rachel Rilen

To all SSD girls & boys, stage hands, teachers as well as u sharon credit to u all was amazing loved it  Priscilla Zammit xo
The concerts are AMAZING! I always have tears, tears of pride. My daughter is in the end of her fourth year with Sharon Saunders dancers. It's her comfort zone, her happy place and she strives to do her best for herself and her teachers. I am grateful to have family in the audience again this year watching their daughter and granddaughter performing with her class. I will be backstage helping but and you can put money on that I will be crying tears of pride again. There is something so special about this dance school. It's a very very special part of our family. Thank you Sharon -Gabrielle Waegeli

This will be our 4th concert and it is always fun and professional! It's great to watch the dancers grow in confidence every concert and enjoy the choreography that the teachers come up with each year! Plus backstage is always fun!! -Jo Martin

This is Zoe's 3rd year at dance.. We love your concerts myself and the kids are on the edge of our seat.. It's loud colourful and the dancers are amazing.. It gets better every year..Would love my whole family to be able to come and enjoy the experience.-Rachel Rilen

Why I like SSD:

Lots of support and encouragement for my daughter to persue her passion for dancing -Michelle Primmer

I love SSD because it has been my second family for the last 20 years! Love being a part of seeing young ladies (and men) grow into beautiful dancers!-Felicity Jarvis

I love being apart of SSD I have made the best friends over the many years I have been there and they are dance friends that I will have for a long time ! 
Dance bonds can never be broken-Sofia Pettifer

We have been part of the SSD family for a third year.. Zoe absolutely loves her dancing.. We were made feel very welcome, lots of support, all round great people, love the teachers and love the other dancers..Zoe looks up to the older students and they are a great role model-Rachel Rilen

Always a beautiful place for my girls to spend most of their time out of school, Make some amazing friendships and its such a gorgeous dance school to be apart of...Renee Bell

Ali loves dancing at SSD as she can be 'happy and free' Steph loves dancing at SSD 'because I make new friends' I love SSD because I love watching my girls grow in confidence which they will take with them in whatever they do! -Jo Martin

I love being apart of SSD, because of the amazing friends I have made and the outstanding and always willing to help teachers! My confidence grows every time I'm on stage! The nights I have dancing are the best nights! 10 years dancing and still going strong! Xx Sophie Nicholson

We love being part of SSD for the confidence and enjoyment it brings to Ellie and also for the wonderful friends she has made.-Kim French

I love my free time when Keeley is at dancing. The concerts are always fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Stephen Rooke

SSD keeps me posted. As a busy mum, it's important for me to know what's happening in class. SSD does a good job in keeping me informed. And my daughter has learned a lot in the last 2 years. She has an amazing teacher! She told me yesterday that she wants to dance again next year!-Lanie Gardner

Our first year here being apart of the SSD family and has been a pleasure to meet other families. Very professionally organised by sharon and sophie loves flick as her teacher. Cant wait till our first concert-Priscilla Zammit

My girls and I love SSD for it is so well ran, and so organised it is a pleasure to be part of, let alone meeting new friendly people. -Helen Taylor

Sharon Keeps us well updated and organized. We've meet some really lovely families it's a great little community-Nicole Fowler-Bullock