Bendigo Dance

Shining through Dance!

Our Values

We are proud and protective of our SSD Community. Our values are an important part of our decision making and teaching.


We are a professional and organized business with regular communication to our families. We are committed to our child safe standards policy & values. We take pride in our appearance and are always well prepared.

Friendly & Caring

We are a welcoming and supportive community at SSD where many lifelong friendships begin for dancers and their families. We aim to teach children from preschool age to adults and understand this is a big responsibility, an honour and privilege and not everyone learns the same way.

Enjoyable & Fun

Dancers will only continue and grow as dancers if they enjoy their classes and love to dance! It is our responsibility to continue to make learning fun and engaging. We want SSD to be a judgement free zone for all abilities. A safe and happy place where students feel comfortable and inspired to be the best version of themselves they can be.

Ongoing learning

We are lifelong learners and invest in professional development, workshops, ATOD membership & exams to ensure our teachers and dancers are constantly learning. Our students and teachers can continue to learn at home with our Movitae app giving them access to their dance class at home.


Our Values - Dance classes

Childrens dance classes in Bendigo
Childrens dance classes in Bendigo