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are instilled in every class we teach and an integral part of our decision-making.



Each students individuality requires attention and here at Sharon Saunders Dancers we provide personalised training to each passionate soul that comes through our doors. We assist in the development of confidence as the year, and even term, powers on. Confidence matures in our safe environment, with age appropriate routines that also generate a high level skill set in and outside the studio walls. Our experienced faculty mentor each and every student, and encourage a growth mindset when it comes to their learning. Eradicating their fears by welcoming them with open arms and nurturing their personal ambitions.




Dance is a magical medium to live life through and is a blissful escape from the stresses that life can bring. Our family friendly studio creates an atmosphere that stimulates creativity for all who participate; provoking the most engaging and pleasurable experience possible. With carefully planned lessons and events that provide discipline and empowerment, all families at SSD feel respected, supported and delighted.




Our experienced faculty are ongoing learners and continue to participate in team training and professional development, as well as receiving regular updates on the latest information in regards to safe dance practices and more. We invest heavily in this training and information to expand on our plethora of knowledge so that it may be passed on to young impressionable minds. Our exam students are taught progressively through the AUSTRALIAN TEACHERS OF DANCING System of training, and our preschoolers are taught through the READY SET DANCE syllabus which has been approved by leading Early Childhood experts. Our Movitae app engages each dancer within their class work as it affords the students a sense of ownership and responsibility for their training/learning. Our strong community and quality dance education is an immense support for the discovery of independence and new friendships.

We never stop learning!




To supply endless opportunities for dancers to mature their confidence and technical abilities whilst in a fun-filled, non-competitive environment that results in self-discovery, bravery, friendship and radiates joy! 

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