Shining Through Dance

Shining through Dance!


Q. What classes do you offer?

We have quite a variety (for all ages). Check out a description of classes on our classes page.

Q. When are your classes held?

A. Monday to Saturdays during school terms. 

Q. Can I just come and try a class?

A. You will need to register online and discuss class options with us first. We only have viewing week at the end of terms 1-3, otherwise you need to arrange a time with Sharon Saunders. A $15 deposit is required with enrolment (this is deducted from term fees if you decide to join us).

Q. How do I enrol?

A. Simply go to the enrolment tab at the top of our website and register online. Then we will send you bank details for a $15 deposit (per class). When this is paid we will send an enrolment email with all information.

Q. Can I watch class?

A. Parents are invited to watch their child's first class but otherwise we have a closed studio policy to give dancers the best chance to learn in a quiet non distracting environment. However, we have installed a viewing window for your benefit and peace of mind. All classes invite family and friends to watch their last class of terms 1- 3.

Q. What do dancers wear to their first class?

A. We are happy for dancers to be out of uniform for the first class. Leggings and tshirt with bare feet are fine. Enchanted Kids wear their favourite dress up and adults wear comfortable clothing. Hair must always be tied back neatly.

Q. Where do I buy uniform?

A. All items are available at Dance Your way- High st, Kangaroo Flat (opposite the Windermere). Closed Mondays. Open 10-5.30 Tues- Friday. 10-1 Saturdays. 

Q. What do I need?

A. Uniform requirements listed in our members login and our SSD Handbook which is emailed when enrolment has been confirmed with a deposit. Login details are supplied in enrolment pack.

Q. Do dancers need their hair in a bun?

A. Ballet students need a pinned ballet bun every week. All other classes (except Hip Hop, Enchanted Kids and adults) need a bun for Parents night. We can show you how to achieve a nice flat bun as required. An elastic around a twist is not acceptable.

Q. Do you sell secondhand items?

A. Parents sell dance wear between themselves. We have a notice board at the dance studio and ask parents to email any items they wish to sell for a group email.

Q. Do we have to participate in the concert?

A. Our concert is optional, just advise us if you would prefer not to be involved. 98% of dancers perform and absolutely love their chance to shine on the Ulumbarra Theatre stage!

Q. When is the concert?

A. Always the last Saturday of November-before the Christmas rush! 

Q. Do we have to make costumes?

A. No, we hire costumes to dancers for the concert at a cost of $33 each. We charge this fee in $11 instalments in terms 1,2 & 3.

Q. Do I have to start at the start of term?

A. No, its best to get started asap so we can work out pro rata fees if you start mid term.

Q. Will my child be in a class with her friends?

A. If possible , however it is more important that your child is in a class appropriate to his/her skill level.  We always want your child to be in the level where he or she will have the best learning experience and not lose confidence.

Q. How long is a term?

A. The term fees are averaged out over the year. Terms vary between 8-11 weeks but fees remain the same.

Q. Do I need to let you know if my child is absent.

A. Absolutely. We appreciate an SMS explaining the absence so we know what's going on. If we don't hear, we may think the child has lost interest. Class attendance is important so the dancer doesn't fall behind.

I love love love Sharon Saunders Dance School. It's such a courteous and professional dance school. Great caring and sensitive teachers that encourage and guide our children to be the best they can be. A very inclusive school environment. From the teachers, to the students to the parents. It's like one big encouraging family. What l really love is how l have watched my very shy daughter's confidence grow and flourish. Thank you Sharon xx