Bendigo Dance

Shining through Dance!


Gabrielle Waegeli I have a few favourite moments, some of which others may not have seen. I was backstage with a troupe of about 16 girls. All very well mannered and very well behaved, I loved the moments of them each telling one another how beautiful they looked in their costumes, I loved the way they were popping on a little more lipstick, I loved the way they were helping one another with shoes, pins etc. I loved the way the senior dancers would come to me and ask if they could help with my troupes changing of costumes which in some cases were tight changes, costumes, wig and a bow or flower. The beautiful team work which happens backstage is just so lovely. Everyone is always offering to help. There was also a personal favourite with many girls coming to congratulate my daughter Natalie for being awarded two trophies one from her Jazz teacher and one from her examiner. How very sweet and kind these dancers are. It's all these beautiful moments that make for a beautiful evening. xx

What a wonderful event, the 2014 concert held at The Capital Theatre was. It was an absolute joy and lots of fun to be both involved in being backstage, watching from the sidelines, and then getting to watch Act 2 in the audience. Watching the students shine on stage, with such enthusiasm and pride is fabulous. I'm so glad this is where I've chosen to send my daughter to not only learn to dance, but learn about discipline, celebrating the success of others, working in a team, and respecting her teachers. My daughter is already looking forward to not only dancing in 2015, but also the concert!! Brilliant!!!!