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Sharon Saunders commenced classes in Marong in 1992 and has a reputation as a professionally run and caring dance school in Bendigo. Dance classes are held in a purpose built fully equipped dance studio in the heart of Kangaroo Flat. In 2019 Sharon Saunders Dancers will celebrate their 28th year of dance! Students have the aid of full length mirrors & fitted ballet barres. The studio is fully air-conditioned providing comfort all year round. Car parking is so easy with ample parking at our doorstep in the Carpenter St Council Car Park.

Sharon Saunders has always kept fees affordable & made sure the school is run in a friendly and professional manner. Parents are kept well informed with regular newsletters, emails and facebook updates. Concert dates are always given out 12 months ahead to allow families to plan holidays.

Technique and the fundamentals of dance are taught through the internationally recognised Australian Teachers of Dancing syllabus. They are leaders in the field of dance education and provide an exciting, vibrant, professional and educational environment for dance studios. Examinations with A.T.O.D. have a wonderful reputation for being an exciting and rewarding experience for students. Examinations are conducted in a group situation and the Examiner is professional, encouraging and friendly. We find that children who participate in examinations each year gain confidence and learn important life skills such as learning to concentrate in an examination environment which assists with their school examinations and other similar situations. Participating in examinations also gives them a goal to work towards and an opportunity to receive an independent assessment of how they are progressing technically. Ultimately, the higher levels can lead to examinations for Teaching Diplomas.

Students from preschool age can progress through levels each year. Exams are offered in Jazz Ballet, Tap dancing & Classical Ballet. Exams are optional, most students like to enter to be rewarded for their hard work. They get great satisfaction with their achievement! They are presented with a certificate, medal and an examiners report. 

Sharon Saunders Dancers are proud to the the Official location in for Ready Set Dance & Ready Set Ballet in Bendigo. This award winning program is in over 180 dance schools throughout Australia and New Zealand and is currently the Best National activity for Preschoolers!

SSD (Sharon Saunders Dancers) do not compete in eisteddfods. Being a non-comp school new routines are taught each year. Costumes are hired to dancers at a minimal cost. There is no fundraising for costumes apart from a concert raffle & there is no sewing (unless you really want to help)!

We pride ourselves in bringing some of Australia's best teachers and dancers to Bendigo each year. If space allows we invite dancers from all Bendigo schools to join us. Read all about them on our workshops page.

To secure a place in an SSD class. Register online and pay a small deposit, we will send you an enrolment pack. You may like to check out our FAQ page on the website tabs above. When dancers start at SSD, parents are invited to watch their childs’ first class. If they decide to return the next week the balance of the term fee is payable (before your 2nd class). To aid learning and limit distraction, classes are held in a closed studio. However, we have a viewing window and at the end of terms 1-3 parents and friends are invited to watch their child's regular class and see their progress!

At the end of November SSD have their Annual Concert (before the Christmas rush) at Ulumbarra Theatre in Bendigo. Great care is made to make sure the concert is professional, organized & most importantly entertaining (and we promise not too long)! Each year a new theme is chosen to provide a fast moving, lively show that people keep coming back to (even the dads)! A conscious effort is made to make sure dancers are not at rehearsals or concert too long with careful timetabling. Youngest students are usually only away from parents for about an hour. All backstage crew must have a working with children check. A professional DVD is recorded each year at an affordable cost and worth every cent (expect to watch it heaps at home)! Concert participation is optional, but everyone loves to be involved! A commitment is needed to participate. 

If you would like to try a class at a premier Bendigo dance schools, give Sharon a call between 9-5 weekdays on 0418309639 (or email) to discuss your options!
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