Shining Through Dance

Shining through Dance!

Preschool Programs

We are now the Official location for Ready Set Dance in Bendigo!

We also use the ATOD Preschool syllabi which has been carefully planned by leading early childhood educators and dancers to ensure your child has fun while building correct technique from the beginning. 

Watch your child smile with joy and their confidence grow each week ! They will want every day to be dancing day!

Non Competition School

We are a non-competition school and we have created a nurturing, safe and friendly environment in our SSD Family for 28 years. 

We teach The Australian Teachers of Dancing Syllabus which is internationally recognised and ensures children receive age appropriate training which is progressive, safe & rewarding. We are proud to have taught many students from preschool age to adult and teachers!

Child Safe 

All children have a right to feel and be safe. The welfare of children in our care will always be our first priority and we have a zero tolerance to child abuse or bullying. We aim to create a child safe and child friendly environment where children feel safe and have fun while building life skills as well as dance skills!

We are committed to our Child Safe Standards Policies.